About Me

My Journey So Far

“Think of many things; do one.”

Hey there! Santosh Acharya here from Mumbai. Welcome to my blog!
I'm glad that you checked out my About page. I am a passionate digital marketer. I am a Technocrat, Dreamer, Cyclist, Philosopher & Computer savvy since my college days. I have been in the digital marketing industry since 2016.
I write about digital marketing on this blog. I started working in Digital Marketing with ‘Google My Business'. I created business pages for friends and family.
When I saw the results, I decided to switch my career into a Digital Marketer. I decision turned to conviction on meeting Digital Deepak.
I have a long 20 years of professional experience as an Entrepreneur. My early education was in Mechanical Engineering. I was never carried away by any references for my education. Rather, It was my core passion to create products and fabricate things. The sheer joy of shaping things and the outcome as a product always inspired me. 
The digital experience is appealing and much more inspiring now!
Frequently asked questions

It's not always about the product. It's about the product market mix that we analyse to sell online. From tangible and intangible, almost everything can be sold on the internet, provide there is value created in the process.

We don't sell online. Rather we create value for the product or service we offer and people who find value buy from us.

It's not expensive, but yes there is an investment, and we have a system and standard operating procedure that will help you reduce the cost of acquisition to make the project profitable. 

The methods we use are proven and have produced results in the past. We believe in the process, but the period may be influenced by lot of external events due to which the results can vary. 

Digital Marketing Strategies start from a Digital Audit of your company products and already available digital presence. Once we complete your audit, we will look at your goals, and then we will get on to the strategy.

Oh! you don't have a marketing person, and your customers have been asking you for replies, and I see that you haven't replied for any queries on your page. How can you get results when you are unresponsive.